sugar coating pan / candy polishing machine/ chocolate coater

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Sugar Coating Machine Application


The sugar coating machine has wide usages, which can produce a variety of delicious food. The product centers include dried fruits, seeds, nuts, toffees, caramels, biscuits, extruded products, chewing gums and chewy candies etc. The product coatings include syrup, sucrose, dextrose, polyol and icing sugar etc. The sugar coating machines are suitable for confectionary plants, snack plants and other food processing plants.


Sugar Coating Machine Introduction


Chocolate coating machine is equiped with a sugar coating pot of 30 degrees Angle you can place a heating equipment (such as electric or gas) under the pot,made of stainless steel,clean and durable.

This machine is euipped with heating system which can give you more functions.

It can be Matched with a electrothermic type blower,and there is an air outlet stretch into the pot making heating or blowing cold, adjustable.

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