Automatic Form Fill Seal Sachet Drinking Pure Water Packing Machine

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PET bottle blow molding machine, 3/5 gallons bottled water filling production line, completed water bottling line composite beverage bottling production line, 3—10L water bottling equipment, sachet liquid filling machine, self-standing pouch liquid filling machine, cup liquid filling machine and other related device.

Factory Price Automatic Form Fill Seal Sachet Drinking Pure Water Packing Machine

Exterior of Sachet Filling Machine by Tings

Control Panel of Sachet Filling Machine

Sealing Part of Sachet Filling Machine

Technical Parameters


Production Capacity :1800-2000BAGS/H.
Filing Range: 100-500ML(1000ML can be custom-made).
Voltage: AC220V/50HZ AC380.
Paper-offering Motor : 250W/220V.
Power of Hot Sealing : 300W.
vertical sealing: 500W.
horizontal sealing.
Main Motor Power: 370W/380V/220V.
Overall Dimension :1000x800x2000MM.
Weight: 400KG.


1) Machine adopts famed PLC programmable controller and display screen in Chinese and English language. Thus, it’s easy to operate, convenient in adjustment and highly automated.
2) Machine use famed step motor and motor driver to improve precision of bag pulling. Nicer capacity of driver, pulling bag more smooth and quickly.
3) Adopt advanced photoelectric tracking system, bag length can setup at display screen directly.
4) Machine shell is stainless steel. With high capacity guard against corrupt, and easy to clear.
5) Use sanitary pump to dosing.
6) Options for cutting way: flat cutting, saw-tooth cutting, fracture line cutting
7) Options: ribbon coding machine


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