Black Dia 36mm Height 32mm solid ink roller

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Our hot melt ink rolls are specialized foam rolls are friction loaded with a variety with a variety of hot melt inks for use
in our dry ink continuous band sealers. Our ink rollers can perform from 120-150. We offer two different sizes 15mm and 30mm,as well as five different colors: Black, blue, red, white and yellow.
Our HZ-XJ hot ink roller is to print expiration date, production date on Paper and Plastic Packaging bags. Under normal operating conditions, a roll should provide approximately 50,000 times. But it will vary signficantly by number of lines, Characters of print, and temperature used during printing.
Dia 36mmx32mm
28CM X 29CM X 31CM
Hot Ink Rollers have been developed to perform on all popular Hot Ink batch code printing machines and are produced in various sizes to suit the majority of applications. Best currently offers standard “BLACK”color hot ink rollers and can offer various colors on request subject to minimum order quantity.
HZ-XJ Hot ink roller
Black, Red, Blue, White
Dia36*12, Dia36*16, Dia36*32, Dia36*36, Dia40*40, Dia48*55
Dia35*10, Dia35*15, Dia35*30, Dia35*35, Dia40*40, Dia48*55
Working Temp
90—130 Degree
Hot Ink Roller is specialized foam roll loaded with a variety of hot melt inks, which is used to print production dates, expiry
dates, batch numbers, and other related information on all kinds of package substrates for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical,
automotive and the other industries.
The following is the printing effects on different indutries and different materials:
Main Features 1)Can achieve quickly printing words, Easy to use,Anti friction,Not easy to fall off, Quick-drying, No-Pollution 2) Widely used in MY380 ink roller coding machine, Marking machine, Sealing machine. 3) Widely used in Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy products, Health products, and other Packaging industries. 4) To Print Production Date, Batch Number, and word label on the outer package 5) For Paper, PP, PET, PE, PVC on different plastic packaging bags
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