Commercial Electric Chin Chin Cutter

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This automatic chin chin making machine or dough cube cutter machine is used for pressing and cutting paste to small pieces, and the thickness and size of the finished product can be adjusted. Dough sheet after two roll calender wheel pressing, make the skin more luster, quality more stable; Each roller can adjust thickness to set the thickness of the dough sheet in order to increase or decrease the weight of the product. After the dough press roller, the dough will fall on the host conveyor belt, for cutting chinchin, set the cutting length to determine the cutting length to make sure the size and weight of chinchin.

Characteristics of this automatic chinchin cutter machine:

1. Dual-band feed, synchronous operation, thereby ensuring the dough degree from damage.

2. Automatically on the powder, is more uniform noodles.

3. Multi-level control, sub-files to suppress, proofing better.

4. Special cutting machine structure, cutting a more thorough, more standard size.

5. Cut dough into a different shape with the same even size and the same thickness.

6. Large Capacity and low trouble rate. Changeable cutting sizes


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