fruit drying machine/dehydration machine/industrial food dehydrator

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1.Description of dryer machine:

the whole machine is made from stainless steel material, 1 mm thick, All edges polished smooth round.

In strict accordance with the European Union electric appliance production standards,

the use of nickel chrome fever wire, aluminum alloy blades, Life can be up to 30 years.


2.Range of application of dryer machine : 

Fruits, plants, herbs, meat and other products of dehydration and drying


3. Function of  dryer machine :

(1) Hot air circulation system, low energy, high efficiency, can rapid drying of food.

(2) Can be dried fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs, and other kinds of food, health and safety.

(3) Temperature control design, can according to different food timing different hot blast temperature and time.


Product parameter


Model QT-FD75
Voltage 110-240V
Power 1000W
Quantity of trays 10
Drying tray size 36X40cm
Temperature control 35-68 degrees adjustable
Timer 0~15 hours
Machine control Digital control
Material Stainless steel
Capacity 55L
Product Size 52D*44W*41H
Gross Weight 170kg



Detailed Images


fruit dryer.png

fruit dryer (2).png

fruit dryer.jpg

Table Time For Drying Fruits : Industrial food dehydrator machine | Household dryer | vegetable dehydrator dryer

Food Preparing Condition after drying Time Tempreture
Kiwifruit Slice it to round piece by 1cm thickness hard 8 70
Mango Cut it to piecs by 1cm thickness hard 8 70
Pine apple(fresh) Peel it and slice into hard 6 70
Strawberry slice it to piece by 1cm thickness hard 8~10 70
Banana Peel it and slice to round pieces(5mm thickness) hard 9 58
Longan take out the pit and heart hard 8 58
Pitaya fruit peel it and slice to 3mm thickness hard 7 58
Mulberry all piece hard 16 70
Grapes all piece hard 40 70
Apple slice it into round pieces or segments by 4mm thickness


Vegetable Dryer.png


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