Glass Door Commercial Freezer Cabinet for Supermarket

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Characteristics of Glass Display Refrigerator Commercial Freezer Cabinet

1.     Refrigerant:R404a/R744

2.     High efficient evaporator is applied for the purpose of high efficiency and low

energy use,by increasing evaporation temperature and heat exchange amount.

3.     Designedly a solenoid valve in each cabinet, in front of which a filter is installed

with the purpose of guarding against blockage, reducing difficulty and time of                    installation.

4.     The design of low front edge and huge open space maximizes the display effect.

5.     The glass door frame adoptsintegrated structure, easy for assembling and charac

-tered by high intensity and luxury appearance.

6.     For better display effect, anti-mist film can be added on request of customers.

7.     High efficient fan and LED lamp are optional on request of customers.

8.     Top tubing design makes construction easier.

9.     Standard plastic divider is configured between doors with purpose of guarding

against  cold  air  leaking.


Model Dimension Display area Volume Temperature range
DDW1520F3 1560*926*2030 1.67 1325 3L1(-18~-15℃)
DDW2320F3 2340*926*2030 2.51 1987
DDW3120F3 3120*926*2030 3.35 2650
DDW3920F3 3900*926*2030 4.19 3312
DDW1522F3 1560*926*2180 1.83 1456
DDW2322F3 2340*926*2180 2.75 2184
DDW3122F3 3120*926*2180 3.67 2912
DDW3922F3 3900*926*2180 4.58 3640



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