Meat Display Island Deep Freezer In Supermarket

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Characteristics of Display Chest Freezer for Meat for Supermarket

1. Refrigerant:R404a/R744

2. High efficient evaporator.

3. A solenoid valve in each cabinet.

4. Super large hollow glass .

5. The glass cover sliding structure.

6. High efficient fan optional.

Model Dimension Display area Volume Temperature range
DIS1811L3 1875*1091*935 1.88 550 3L1(-18~-15℃)
DIS2511L3 2500*1091*935 2.51 734
DIS3711L3 3750*1091*935 3.76 1101
DIS15ECL3 1500*1091*935 1.51 440
DIS15ECL3 1800*1091*935 1.81 528
Product Effects

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