New arrival supermarket chiller convenience store open air merchandiser

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Refrigerated plug-in multi-deck with maximized display area


When the efficient use of floor space is in focus, choose the larger display area of Qili plug-in open multi-deck.


Whether it is a hypermarket or convenience store, your customers should be presented with a standard corporate design. With the Qili plug-in open multi-deck, we offer you the best solution to optimize limited available floor space in small shops and improve productivity of floor space while maintaining your corporate image. The range of Qili plug-in cabinets is an excellent solution for shops requiring different temperature ranges for foods (vegetables, dairies, drinks), low energy consumption, multi-plexible versions and a large display area. The availability of several optional elements enables sales areas to be tailored to your demands.


Model Temperature Range  Refrigerant Volume Width Depth Height
QLB-20 2 ~ 10 °C R404a 2100 Liters 2080 mm 1000 mm 2100 mm
QLB-25 2 ~ 10 °C R404a 2550 Liters 2600 mm 1000 mm 2100 mm
QLB-30 2 ~ 10 °C R404a 3500 Liters 3000 mm 1000 mm 2100 mm



Standard Features


Plug-in refrigerated multi-deck cabinet with panorama end walls for open display of beverages, fruits and vegetables, pre-packed cheese or sandwiches, dairy products, pastry, delicatessen, as well as pre-packed fresh meat or poultry

Enlarged product-facing area achieved by attractive design

Internal and external panels of galvanized steel with hardwearing powder-coated finish

Single-row lighting in canopy

Panorama end walls

Manual night blind

Electronic digital temperature control with storage temperature readout

Energy-efficient EBM fans, improved energy efficiency

Internal LED lighting

Environmentally friendly refrigerant R404a, simplified maintenance

Adjustable leveler feet

Designed as a plug-and-play system, the Qili plug-in multi-deck comes with a self-contained system.
In case the location offers space for a machine room however there is the option to connect the units to the remote system.


Cooling system: Plug-in type

Temperature range:2~10 °C

Refrigerant: R404a




Night blinds for reduced energy consumption

Energy-efficient fans

Grids / baskets


Multiplex solution



quality of your products?

We have 21 years of manufacturing experience of refrigeration equipment, and we have a dedicated Quality Control and Inspection Team to ensure that our products meet strict production standards.



the safety during long distance transportation and ocean shipping.



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