Nitto RO Membrane YQS-4040 CPA3-LD 8040

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Nitto RO Membrane YQS-4040 CPA3-LD 8040



The ESPA product line includes:

1) ESPA1: the world’s leading high productivity, energy-saving polyamide membrane
2) ESPA2: combines high productivity, energy savings and less salt passage all in one element
3) ESPA3: one of the industry’s leading brackish water RO elements
4) ESPA4: highest productivity & rejection with next-generation performance

The CPA product line includes:

1) CPA2: the workhorse and industry standard, CPA2 delivers consistently high performance, day in and day out
2) CPA3: the element with the best combination of productivity and salt rejection available
3) CPA4: for applications where the highest salt rejection is required Mini element:
1) Hydranautics offers a full line of high-quality reverse osmosis elements for light commercial and point of use drinking water markets, delivering superior product water consistent performance
2) Hydranautics membranes are ideal for a wide range of light industrial and commercial applications, including vending machines for self-service distilled and drinking water, and car washes for spot free rinse and wash water recycling.

Features of ESPA(Energy Saving Polyamide):
1. ESPA membranes are the choice for applications demanding high-energy efficiency, with uncompromised productivity and salt rejection.
2.Operating at significantly lower pressures, produce high quality water , ensuring energy cost savings.
3.ESPA membranes are used in the treatment of drinking water, industrial process waters, municipal and industrial waste water recovery and reuse.
4.These membranes also serve as part of polishing units in seawater desalination plants when boron rejection is critical.

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