Rice mill sb50 with diesel engine /rice milling machine sb-50

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Rice mill sb50 with diesel engine is a special equipment for rice processing. It’s suitable for small rice processing plant, rice supply center, farmers in developing country.

This machine is composed of feeding hopper, paddy huller, husk separator, rice mill and fan. The machine can continuously complete the processing of cleaning the paddy, hulling, winnowing and whitening. Husk, bran, brighted grains and white rice separate out of the machine.


Features for Rice mill sb50 with diesel engine:

1. Compact structure, small volume, light weight, and convenient operation.

2. High hulling rate, low rate of broken rice, and low rice temperature.

3. The rice that comes out from the machine is bright and sparkling.


Working flow

Paddy → vibrating sieve and magnet device → rubber-roller for hulling →  air blowing and air jetting to the milling room → finishes the process of husking and milling →husk, chaff, paddy, and white rice comes out separately


Model Capacity (kg/h) Rated Power Net Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
Long Paddy Short Paddy

Electric Motor


Diesel Engine


SB-5 260~350 300~400 5.5 8~10 130 860*692*1290
SB-10D 500~750 600~900 7.5~11 15 195 1050*860*1550
SB-30 900~1300 1100~1500 15 20~24 230 1070*760*1760
SB-50 1800~2000 2000~2300 22 30 (or more) 280 2400*1080*2080

SB10 HUSKING structure.jpg

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Packaging & Shipping

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Company Information

Guangzhou Fengtai Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that specialized in grain and oil processing equipment manufacturing, engineering designing, installation and selling service.

1. With more than 10 years experiences.

2. Capacity  to produce 2000 sets of varied rice milling.

3. Professional pre-sales & after-sales team to guarrantee the best satisfaction.

4. Skillfull engineering team for R&D persuiting the best performance of each machinery





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