Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine Italian Ice Cream Machine


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 Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine Italian Ice Cream Machine


Newly designed hard ice cream machine, a great assistant in your ice cream shop! It is made of stainless steel, controlled by microcomputer with digital display. It features with extra large refrigeration cylinder and rapid  freezing. You can expect 15-22L ice cream made every hour with high making rate of more than 60%. We are more than clear that refrigeration performance is the core of ice cream machine. As such, we have developed our technology, this machine you are browsing at is equipped with independent cold bridge technology which is able to prevent cold loss effectively.

Our long pursuit is the satisfaction of our customers. This year, we upgraded this machine once more. The equipment you’re going to get is designed with new concepts:

  • Streamlined appearance.
  • Brand new LCD display system with more technical feeling, providing visual display of the time used and clearer operation interface. After your processed ice cream is prepared, machine will announce you by prompt tone.
  • Automatic sending out processed ice cream, the only thing you have to do is to open the lid, say goodbye with the times when you had to take ice cream out one ladle after another manually!
  • One-time injected feed port made of food grade high quality PVC which enables high perspectivity and durability.
  • Powerful 3000/min rotate speed, qualified for high demanding puffing.
  • Sealing system for your ingredients made by high quality O-shaped detent ring, protecting your ingredients from leakage.
  • Air-vents–Rectangle shaped grid distribution air-vents keep the temperature of functional units and prevent machine damage costs by high temperature.
  • Hitachi compressor of best quality. Solving noise problem caused by refrigeration. Volume only reaches 40dba while cooling and completely no noise while not.




  • Moderate milk can be added before stirring prepared formula and water to make your ice cream tastes purer.
  • Jam and biscuit crumbs can be used to add flavor.
  • Froze processed ice cream for not less than 2 hours before starting to make fancy ice cream.

· CE certificate

· Controlled by microcomputer, digital display

· Alert tone when production is finished

· Auto-diagnose malfunction

· Professional compressor

· Automatic counting function

· Reduce power consumption, save costs



· Working Voltage: 110V

· Power: 1400W

· Capacity: 20L/H / 5.28Gal/H

· Net Weight: 65kg / 143.3lb

· Refrigerant: R22

· Filling Volume: 380g

· Rotate Speed: 3000r/min

· Electric Shock Resistance: Class 1

· Ingredient Bucket Diameter: 21.5cm / 8.46″

· Ingredient Bucket Height: 11.5cm / 4.52″

· Dimension: 525 x 490 x 640mm / 20.66″ x 19.29″ x 25.19″





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